RNAseq in the Cloud: PART I


Date(s) - 06/21/2021
Time - 9:30 am PDT - 12:30 pm PDT

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This free two part (2 hour sessions each) workshop series will provide hands-on experience in conducting basic RNA-seq analysis on the cloud. Pediatric cancer data will be imported from the Gabriella Miller Kids First portal (Kids First) to Cavatica a storage, sharing, and analysis cloud platform designed to handle large volumes of omics data. Participants will learn how to set up a Kids First account, browse and filter data in the Kids First portal, connect their Kids First accounts to Cavatica and run an RNA-seq workflow in Cavatica. 
This workshop will be conducted remotely via Zoom. The workshop Zoom link will be emailed to participants after registration closes.

Participants should plan to fill out a brief survey before and after the workshop.


TBD (UC Davis/Common Fund Data Ecosystem)


Participants are expected to have some basic understadning of the biology behind RNAseq and some knowledge of R (and RStudio). Please check out our Intro to RNAseq and Intro to R workshops.

Who is offering this?

This workshop is a pilot workshop offered by the Lab for Data Intensive Biology as part of the NIH Common Fund Data Ecosystem training and engagement program.


Please contact us at training@cfde.atlassian.net with any questions you have!