RNA-Seq in the Cloud: PART II


Date(s) - 06/23/2021
Time - 9:30 am PDT - 11:30 am PDT

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This free two part (2 hour sessions each) workshop series will provide hands-on experience in conducting basic RNA-Seq analysis on the cloud. We’ll go over how to process RNA-Seq data and cover the basics of differential gene expression and data visualization in R.

This workshop will be conducted remotely via Zoom. The workshop Zoom link will be emailed to participants after registration closes.

Participants should plan to fill out a brief survey before and after the workshop.


TBD (UC Davis/Common Fund Data Ecosystem)


Participants are expected to have some basic understadning of the biology behind RNAseq and some knowledge of R (and RStudio). Please check out our Intro to RNA-Seq and Intro to R workshops.

Who is offering this?

This workshop is a pilot workshop offered by the Lab for Data Intensive Biology as part of the NIH Common Fund Data Ecosystem training and engagement program.


Please contact us at training@cfde.atlassian.net with any questions you have!


Bookings are closed for this event.