C2M2 – How It Works

How does the C2M2 model work?

The C2M2 model is akin to nested dolls with interconnected layers of increasing complexity built on top of one another.

Level 0

Level 0 is the smallest and least complex layer that comprises the most basic information of a dataset (e.g. file types and dataset sizes). The basic information provided in Level 0 is openly searchable without requiring special access to protected data.

Level 1

Level 1 builds on the Level 0 layer by adding important biological information about each data point such as species, anatomical tissue, and experiment type. As with Level 0, Level 1 does not encompass protected data and can be accessed by everyone.

Level 2

At Level 2, additional complex biological data are added to the model including disease states, sex, and age of the individual the data is from.

Ultimately our goal is to incorporate multiple Levels that capture all information necessary to comprehensively describe the data. However, this will require building controlled access capability into our infrastructure to protect the identities of patients.

Using this C2M2 infrastructure, the Data Coordinating Centers (DCCs) can share structured information (metadata) about their experimental resources with the research community, dramatically widening access to usable observational data and accelerating discovery.