C2M2 – How To Use Model Levels

What can a researcher use the model levels for?

Level 0 and Level 1: Levels 0 and 1 consist entirely of unprotected metadata terms, and therefore likely to represent data from all Common Fund Programs. These two levels are sufficient to support two minimal Use Cases.

Level 1 and Level 2: Using only the metadata from Levels 1 and 2, a researcher can find datasets from across the Common Fund that contain information about tissue of interest, assayed using a method of choice. Similarly, staff at the NIH can compare the tissues, species and assay types available across DCCs.

More complex Use Cases, such as the ability for a researcher to find datasets for patients with a specific disease in a specific age range will require the Programs to submit protected metadata terms. However, this is a limitation of our current infrastructure which makes our access to protected data illegal, and will be solved in the near future.