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The Common Fund Data Ecosystem's FAIR Cookbook

What is FAIR?

The FAIR principles are a set of guidelines for making digital objects, like datasets, tools, and software, Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. The principles promote the long-term impact of these objects by facilitating their use in ongoing research, knowledge integration, and increasing reusability of existing data.

What is the FAIR cookbook?

The FAIR cookbook is a one-stop guide describing how to meet the FAIR principles based on community-accepted standards for common CFDE tasks. The cookbook contains chapters detailing these standards, as well as a system for assessing digital objects according to FAIR principles.

The FAIR cookbook will advance biomedical research by centralizing FAIR-related resources and detailed tutorials for integrating and assessing Common Fund Program data and tools. To foster this growing hub of information, programs are encouraged to share their experience with the community by contributing feedback and documentation recipes.

These topics are covered in the cookbook:

  • The Crosscut Metadata Model (C2M2) and controlled vocabularies standardize the format of metadata, thus improving our ability to find and integrate data across Common Fund Programs.
  • The FAIRshake system provides both manual and automated rubrics to assess the FAIRness of digital objects.

How to use the cookbook?

The cookbook contains recipes with step-by-step tutorials that users can co-opt to integrate and assess their own data objects.

Current recipes: