December Report – Summary

During 2019, members of the CFDE-CC built an understanding of the concerns faced by the Common Fund DCCs. The DCCs act as custodians of biomedical data and possess a rich amount of expertise and dedication to their research community. They face a related set of challenges, but despite this have largely been operating in isolation of each other. By instituting a team with experience in facilitation, engagement, and technology to mobilize across the Common Fund DCCs, we can grow a comprehensive data ecosystem. We will also be better prepared to work with efforts like the NIH Interoperability working group, that represents four ICs (NHGRI, NHLBI, NCI, and Common Fund) as well as the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy to create a common authorization system. Collectively we will form a network across the Common Fund DCCs, CFDE-CC and Common Fund leadership will work more cohesively and rapidly to provide increased capability to NIH biomedical researchers.